• Software as a Service (Saas)
    solutions to enhance your website

    Manage your website from anywhere with our Content
    Management System. Add a store to your website and start
    selling online with our e-commerce solution

  • Bespoke software solutions
    to enhance your website

    At 3 Legs we are specialists is web software solutions.
    We can produce custom bookings systems, web apps,
    and back-office management systems.

  • Web Apps to expand
    your customer reach

    At 3 Legs we are specialists in web apps to
    put your content into peoples hands while
    they are on the move.

SaaS, Web App and Bespoke Web Software Solutions

Software to put you in control of your website

We offer a range of web software solutions aimed at providing additional functionality to any website. We have developed a number of different services that can be added to an existing website or built into a new site. Alternatively we can produce a custom software solution to your specification.

Online Services

Our online services are delivered from a centralised server and integrated to your website. This allows us to eailsy maintain the service and deliver upgrades to all clients at the same time.

Add to your Site

Both our Web CMS and Web Cart are designed to be easily added to an existing website or we can include them in new build website.

Affordable Pricing

Our services are provided on a monthly service fee basis. While there is an initial setup cost the SaaS business model means that individual users don't have to pay the high development costs of each service provided.